I'm a game developer with experience in a variety of engines, including UE4, Unity and some proprietary technologies.

I see myself as a 'designer who can speak art and code' - I completed a humanities degree prior to my formal game design training, but I'm a proficient programmer so can dig in and get my hands dirty on engine code in order to implement features - and make them designer-friendly while I'm at it.

My programming education, was bottom-up, in that I started out reverse engineering assembly, then migrated from C to C# and C++, and that low-level debugging experience helps me to identify problems quickly.

I'm a long-term community source code contributor to UE4, some major examples of which are included on the 'gamedev' section of this website.

In addition to my traditional game development work, one of my major interests is custom input hardware, so I'll also be adding information about past and upcoming projects of that nature to the blog.

Studying the humanities, along with my teaching experience, also means I'm fluent with both written and verbal communication, so I'm ideally placed to document design intent, tools, and features, in a way that is accessible to audiences across the full spectrum of development.

Since 2017 I’ve worked remotely and autonomously across various time zones for international studios. My communication skills facilitate efficient use of meetings and overlap time to ensure clarity is maintained.

If your project or team could use my skills, or you have any questions about the content of the blog, you can reach me @mov_eax_rgb on twitter , @mov_eax_rgb@mastodon.gamedev.place or via my linkedin or email, details in my CV.